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How it works?

DonateWealth is a fundraising platform that is simple, easy and fast. Our mission is to improve lives by channeling the potential donors around the world to advance the common good.

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Why DonateWealth is the No.#1 Fundraising Platform

  • No Deadlines or Goal Requirements
  • No Hidden Fees or Penalty
  • Keep every Donation you receive
  • Launch your Campaign in minutes
  • Mobile Friendly Campaigns
  • Free to Launch Campaigns


Help Grandma Jane Cancer Bills

$ 0 Raised of $1500 By:Amber

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Starting is easy, Watch the donations come rolling in.

Our Mission

DonateWealth is the only socially conscious platform that helps you utilise the full power of social media and lets you create stunning, customisable fundraising websites for everyone and for anything.

Why Choose Us?

Starting a fund raising website on DonateWealth Doesn't cost a thing, keep everything you receive except for a small fees of 3.5% only when you get donation, we ensure that every fundraiser receives the most funds possible for their worthy cause.


With a minimal fee of 3.5%, starting a fund raising campaign on DonateWealth makes sure that every fundraiser receives the most of the funds possible for their worthy cause.

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