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With the intent to raise money online, some of the best donation sites like act as the middlemen and provide an easy way to offer help regarding funds. People donate for money as the amount assembled is utilized for various social grounds, including child education, youth sports, funerals, medical costs, animal care and more.

With recent numbers, it is clearly evident that is one of the most successful crowdfunding websites, as it owns the largest network of users. Reaching out to different donor groups for online fundraising is one of the best ways to amass the donated amount.

The outreach of internet can be seen everywhere, as it is conquering the entire world.


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Wide Web is also being used as a platform where people can donate money online. Yes, the term is online crowdfunding! It became really popular in the year 2010 when the practice of internet was on a roar. The latest terminology of crowdfunding is a tremendous way to make a contribution in support of funerals, memorials.

Since, then innumerable crowdfunding websites, has been established. The diligence of crowdfunding is estimated to boom to a mammoth 4Billion dollars in the coming years.

The idea of online charitable sites does bring a ray of hope for the people who are in a financial need. Various personal donation sites, like is primarily for domestic uses, including child education, habilitation favors and more. Starting from paying the bills of medical aid to supporting child education, a user can do anything, for the betterment of the humanity.

Social media holds a very important place for charitable giving, people can connect through the dais, and help someone who is in a need of financial aid. With online fundraising, different donors can tailor their donation.

raise money online for charity

Every single person is different and feels compelled to donate for different reasons. Each one of them can be segmented into different groups, depending upon their donation type. Achieving support becomes a lot easier when we know the apt reason behind the charity. Good fundraising ideas can do adequate justice to presenting the stories of the indigent. Something that can unmistakably highlight the cause, will be of great help. is a perfect online fundraising platform for donating money. The user can simply visit the website, and do their bit of doing something for the society. Being the paramount fundraising sites that make the process of fundraising exceptionally easy and flexible. With platforms like these, raising money online is one of the easiest things to do.

Best Crowdfunding Websites for Donate Money Online

A personalized fundraising campaign can be created without any hassle. The campaign can also be shared with a friend and family members. Every single penny that will be collected from the campaign will go straight to the owner. The best part about a fundraising site is that there is no deadline to the campaign, and people can donate money, whenever they want.

Firstly, it all starts with creating an online fundraising campaign. Adding a story or the actual cause of the campaign can actually be of great help. Once the campaign has been created, it can be easily shared with the members that are connected to social media account. Reaching out through social media, attracts a larger number of users, as he or she can connect directly to the cause.

After all this, the donation made by the people can be accessed directly through the process of bank transfers. All the updates for the respective fundraising campaign can be made on the dashboard, including the names of the donors, and the amount which they have donated.

Charity organizations like, makes sure that the donated amount stays secure, as the best encryption technology is used for protected payments. The sum will be safely stored with the payment partners, till the user wants to withdraw it. The money can be taken-out with e-bank transfer processing, from the respective payment partner. One doesn’t need to pay any fees or penalty for creating the fundraising campaign.

How To Run A Successful Fundraising Campaign Online

Who knew that one day internet will be used to raise funds for your non-profit cause or for the ones in need. Online crowdfunding/fundraising became popular in the year 2010 since then the online crowdfunding industry has gained a momentum and has multiplied to many folds by 2019 it is expected to reach a whopping $4 Bn industry. Online fundraising is not only an effective way for entrepreneurs to raise initial seed funds for their products but its also a silver lining for the people who are less fortunate and need funds for personal causes mainly medical bills, getting a shelter or even raising funds for their honeymoon.

We have come across many campaigns on who have successfully raised funds and met their goals, most of them are for personal causes like paying up the medical bill, helping kids get an education or may it be supplying books in classrooms.

Crowdfunding is also a new way to support the martyrs or funerals, memorials which is a good thing as it help crowd get involves in such activities and thats what community is all about, as its said “Sharing is caring” may it be donating wealth to a good cause.Years into online fundraising community, i have compiled a checklist or rather 5 steps to run a successful crowdfunding campaign online.

Campaign Story

Prepare your story – Crowdfunding is all about the story which you will be putting in front of crowd (the people), while writing your story always remember that it should be self-explanatory it should never put your readers in any confusion or ambiguity, it should be crystal clear and interactive as if you are narrating it in your own voice to your audience and highlight the cause which is making you write it. Explain why you need crowd’s support and why you can’t do it yourself.

Story Picture

Choose your Pictures wisely – Choose a right cover picture for your crowdfunding campaign is very important, studies also show that campaigns with pictures are more likely to receive donations. when people visit your crowdfunding website, first thing they notice is your picture which if up to support the cause, the picture should not be too casual or too formal it should be in between so readers know you are just like them and want their support in your cause.

Set Your Funding Goal

Put your numbers – you should be very clear with the goals and amount you are seeking to raise, it should justify your cause and should never be any random amount, be honest tell your reader why you need and how you will use the funds raised, don’t keep them in dilemma.

Fundraiser Promotion

Increase your reach & Audience – its very important that people know that your cause existing in order for them to help you, increase your network online through social media, blogs, forums and other means, Data from community shows that people who seemed to have a large network and connections meet their fundraising goals more often.

Submission and sharing – Once you have started your online fundraising campaign, its very important to increase the reach by sharing it on social media, forums, blogs etc. It is advisable to share your fundraising campaign with your friends and family first using your Facebook or Twitter accounts and ask them to help you share it more with social media or internet, the Online fundraising website. offers features to instantly share your campaign with your friends and family using the social media, always remember your friends and family are the ones who will be first to donate for your cause as they know you personally and people generally donate to people only they know or their acquaintances.

There are thousands of crowdfunding campaigns out there which fail due to above reasons and some good ones go unnoticed due to reach of campaign owner but there are also some campaigns which succeed and become viral and help them raise beyond their initial set goal, i have seen such amazing campaigns executed on I hope this checklist will help you reach your goal and run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your cause.

Donations For Stage 4 Breast Cancer

When Alicia McClelland learned that her friend Kimberly had been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, she made the decision to tie her upcoming marathon into a fundraiser that could help Kimberly with her medical expenses. By turning to donate wealth, Alicia was able to quickly and easily launch a medical fundraiser that enabled her donors to make a contribution 24/7 from any web-enabled device.

Unlike most online crowdfunding sites that claim to be free, Alicia was actually able to keep 100 percent of the donations she raised. The reality is that so-called free fundraising platforms typically keep 5 percent of each donation, and this really adds up over time. For example, the fundraiser for Kimberly’s Fight collected $5,215. If 5 percent had been taken off of the top, this would have caused $260.75 to go toward fees instead of Kimberly’s medical bills.


Fortunately, donate wealth paid fundraising accounts make it possible to raise an unlimited amount of money for as little as $9 per month. As an added bonus, we include extra features that help increase contributions, including unlimited photo uploads and online payment processing via PayPal and WePay. Fundraisers can also receive assistance with their campaign via phone support.

Kimberly’s Fight Against Cancer

Kimberly is a nurse, educator, and mother who is known to be caring and selfless. When she received a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis, her friend Alicia knew that it was necessary to offer emotional and financial support. Sadly, the typical insurance plan in the U.S. is not good enough to fully cover the costs associated with cancer treatment, and even the best plan can leave people battling with bankruptcy. Therefore, many people turn to DonationTo as a resource for collecting the necessary funding to avoid a financial hardship.

Alicia was already in the midst of training for her first full marathon when Kimberly was diagnosed, so it made perfect sense to combine these two things into one crowdfunding campaign. Alicia requested that friends, coworkers and family members make a donation in honor of Kimberly’s struggle and to commemorate the marathon. Combining these two goals made it possible to acquire enough support to exceed the original online fundraising goal of $4,000.

Approximately 12 percent of women in the U.S. will face breast cancer at some point in their life. More than 307,000 women will get a diagnosis this year, along with 2,600 men. Tragically, 40,450 women are expected to lose their cancer battle this year. Early detection and treatment is one of the most effective ways to survive breast cancer, so it is imperative for women to get regular screenings.

The good news is that breast cancer rates have been steadily dropping for 16 years, and there are also 2.8 million women living in the U.S. today who have dealt with this disease. In other words, women like Kimberly can benefit from the many medical advances that have been made, and everyone else’s risk of developing breast cancer becomes slightly lower every year. In time, it is possible that the most common cancer that women face will be completely eradicated.

In the meantime, it is vital for women such as Kimberly to have access to treatment, emotional support and fundraising options. At DonationTo, we believe that everyone should have the ability to receive top-notch medical care without accruing a mountain of debt. This is the main reason that we have created an easy to use crowdfunding platform that Alicia and other members can take advantage of without having any special technical skills or previous experience. Our partnership with PayPal and WePay also boosts online donations and provides members with instant access to funding.

Donations For Medical Bills H1N1

Earlier this year, Marty was hospitalized with the H1N1 virus. During this time, he was in the intensive care unit and needed deep sedation, a ventilator tube and a constant supply of oxygen. Three of his friends joined forces during this time to bring all of his other loved ones together via an online medical donate wealth. The intention of this page was to gather funding for an emergency yagya from the International Jyotish Office.

By choosing one of our paid accounts, Marty’s friends were able to free up a lot of donated money that would have otherwise been eaten by percentage fees. To give everyone a fair perspective on how this works, let’s take a closer look at this particular fundraiser. $11,085 was raised in 87 days, and our paid accounts range from $9 to $24 per month. Therefore, the worst case scenario is that the crowdfunding team was charged $72. If they had chosen a so-called free platform instead, the 5 percent fee would have amounted to $554.25. In other words, they saved over a whopping $500 by choosing a paid account with donate wealth.