Donations For Medical Bills H1N1

Earlier this year, Marty was hospitalized with the H1N1 virus. During this time, he was in the intensive care unit and needed deep sedation, a ventilator tube and a constant supply of oxygen. Three of his friends joined forces during this time to bring all of his other loved ones together via an online medical donate wealth. The intention of this page was to gather funding for an emergency yagya from the International Jyotish Office.

By choosing one of our paid accounts, Marty’s friends were able to free up a lot of donated money that would have otherwise been eaten by percentage fees. To give everyone a fair perspective on how this works, let’s take a closer look at this particular fundraiser. $11,085 was raised in 87 days, and our paid accounts range from $9 to $24 per month. Therefore, the worst case scenario is that the crowdfunding team was charged $72. If they had chosen a so-called free platform instead, the 5 percent fee would have amounted to $554.25. In other words, they saved over a whopping $500 by choosing a paid account with donate wealth.

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