Success Stories of Crowdfunding Campaigns

A brilliant method of fundraising, crowdfunding is a syndicate of social media and financial aid from friends and family. Telling your story through pictures and videos is one way where people can help you raise money for your needs. A crowdfunding idea basically initiates with creating a successful campaign, which can be later on shared on various social media networks through Twitter, Facebook, email and more.

With the convenience of different donation websites, like, raising funds for nonprofit organizations has become really stress-free. It inculcates different skins that contribute to a successful fundraising campaign Making people aware of the campaign via social media assists in bringing awareness to the nonprofit project.


Our Recent up-and-Coming Crusades:

Susan smiles

Raised $5000

Susan Wilkins, a mom of two beautiful daughters, suffering from Down syndrome. Nurturing my daughters is has always been a big chore, due to lacking in financial stability. Creating the DonateWealth campaign years ago has accomplished to get a monetary aid of $5000 from people all over the world. With the fundraising campaign, all the unanticipated expenses have been cleared. It brought a ray of hope for the entire family, resulting in the better living environment.

I can’t thank DonateWealth enough, for providing such a platform, helping those in need. It is very true, that life do portray some difficult experiences, for testing our patience. But every hardship we go through teaches a lesson in life and makes us stronger. offers a tremendous path to keep our friends and family informed about the fundraising campaign, enabling them to offer desirable aid.

We care for Peter

Raised $35000

Peter is a victim of Neuroblastoma, which is a vulnerable form of cancer. It is caused when immature nerve cells are developed in different parts of the body. Usually targeting infants, less than five years of age the disease can affect neck, spine and abdomen region. Peter loves to play football with is elder brother, and make colorful paintings. The support team of Peter comprises of his friends and family, who shattered the medical disease, and came as winning warriors. The members of the support groups, connect through the campaign, is increasing day by day,

Thankyou DonateWealth for helping our family collect a fund of $35,000, for Peter’s medical aid. It wouldn’t have been possible without such an amazing platform, that the surgery for cancer has been successful.

Education for Samantha

Raised $3000

Choosing DonateWealth has been by far the best decision for arousing a fundraising campaign for Samantha. With the assurance of security and reliability, being a single parent was not a problem anymore as have been able to collect funds for her education. Financial instability has always been an issue, for our family.

We are extremely glad for It is a platform that makes it all possible. Being absolutely free of cost, DonateWealth provides help in sharing our story via different social media networks. Earlier, we thought it to be a next to impossible task, for collecting funds. But DonateWealth has made every word come true. Anybody, who is undergoing any financial hardship, should definitely try and try to overcome the funding defies.

Ziek Cancer Foundation

Raised $12000

Ziek Gotham memorial foundation, founded on 23rd June 2012 by Jeremy Gotham to recite the honor of their beloved son, Ziek Jeremy Gotham. The 13-year-old was suffering from lung cancer, and couldn’t survive for more than a year, after the discovery of the problem.

In the memory of Zeik, our only aim is to provide aid for people who are suffering from cancer and persist a financial disability. The foundation is a symbol of kindness and compassion that Ziek has for everybody, he met. With our aim of helping children in need, undeviating actions will be taken, accordingly making the foundation, even more prosperous.

We somewhere knew that DonateWealth is the apt platform for finding aid for our needs. What attracted us most about the site is that, along with being a paramount platform, it is also very flexible. One can reach out to vast onlookers, very quickly, without any hassle. There are no hidden costs that we had to pay, for utilizing the resources. The response we got from the audience, was simply above par. The aid from our friends, family members, and people we didn’t even know was a great motivation to help the non-profit organization cultivate help for differently abled.


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