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How To Run A Successful Fundraising Campaign Online

Who knew that one day internet will be used to raise funds for your non-profit cause or for the ones in need. Online crowdfunding/fundraising became popular in the year 2010 since then the online crowdfunding industry has gained a momentum and has multiplied to many folds by 2019 it is expected to reach a whopping $4 Bn industry. Online fundraising is not only an effective way for entrepreneurs to raise initial seed funds for their products but its also a silver lining for the people who are less fortunate and need funds for personal causes mainly medical bills, getting a shelter or even raising funds for their honeymoon.

We have come across many campaigns on who have successfully raised funds and met their goals, most of them are for personal causes like paying up the medical bill, helping kids get an education or may it be supplying books in classrooms.

Crowdfunding is also a new way to support the martyrs or funerals, memorials which is a good thing as it help crowd get involves in such activities and thats what community is all about, as its said “Sharing is caring” may it be donating wealth to a good cause.Years into online fundraising community, i have compiled a checklist or rather 5 steps to run a successful crowdfunding campaign online.

Campaign Story

Prepare your story – Crowdfunding is all about the story which you will be putting in front of crowd (the people), while writing your story always remember that it should be self-explanatory it should never put your readers in any confusion or ambiguity, it should be crystal clear and interactive as if you are narrating it in your own voice to your audience and highlight the cause which is making you write it. Explain why you need crowd’s support and why you can’t do it yourself.

Story Picture

Choose your Pictures wisely – Choose a right cover picture for your crowdfunding campaign is very important, studies also show that campaigns with pictures are more likely to receive donations. when people visit your crowdfunding website, first thing they notice is your picture which if up to support the cause, the picture should not be too casual or too formal it should be in between so readers know you are just like them and want their support in your cause.

Set Your Funding Goal

Put your numbers – you should be very clear with the goals and amount you are seeking to raise, it should justify your cause and should never be any random amount, be honest tell your reader why you need and how you will use the funds raised, don’t keep them in dilemma.

Fundraiser Promotion

Increase your reach & Audience – its very important that people know that your cause existing in order for them to help you, increase your network online through social media, blogs, forums and other means, Data from community shows that people who seemed to have a large network and connections meet their fundraising goals more often.

Submission and sharing – Once you have started your online fundraising campaign, its very important to increase the reach by sharing it on social media, forums, blogs etc. It is advisable to share your fundraising campaign with your friends and family first using your Facebook or Twitter accounts and ask them to help you share it more with social media or internet, the Online fundraising website. offers features to instantly share your campaign with your friends and family using the social media, always remember your friends and family are the ones who will be first to donate for your cause as they know you personally and people generally donate to people only they know or their acquaintances.

There are thousands of crowdfunding campaigns out there which fail due to above reasons and some good ones go unnoticed due to reach of campaign owner but there are also some campaigns which succeed and become viral and help them raise beyond their initial set goal, i have seen such amazing campaigns executed on I hope this checklist will help you reach your goal and run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your cause.

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