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Save And Sustain Nine Mountain by Kelly Graham - DonateWealth

Save And Sustain Nine Mountain

Save And Sustain Nine Mountain0 SHARES

If you've been moved by this place, delighted in the beauty of the forest, enjoyed a starlit hot tub dip, laughed until you fell over, cried in the arms of your friends, rolled on the green circle rug, or danced your butt off - or want to! - please support us. If you want your friends, family and community to continue to enjoy the bounty of this special place in the future, back us with bucks. If you want to create your own community memories here, make us some moolah . . . you get the gist! 


Create Operating Reserve Fund: We need an operating reserve fund - money to cover unexpected expenses. We planned to "put some money aside" once we got up and running, but there has never been any extra to put aside, leaving us in a tippy spot when things break or emergencies arise. Help us find better balance!


We are still adding "Investors", too: When we bought Nine Mountain two years ago, we did so with a collective of community investors who now jointly own the business and property. If you are someone able and excited to contribute more than $5000, please talk to us directly about the possibility of becoming an investor, as we are also expanding this group in 2016.


Thank you for your support, and supporting the future of Nine Mountain and our community gathering space.


Blessings and love,

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