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Sweet Malcolm by Creagh Wilson- DonateWealth

Sweet Malcolm

Sweet Malcolm 13 SHARES

As some of you may know, and some of you may not, Malcolm is our 1.5 year old Bassett Hound. He is our son, and a brother to our two kids and his dog sister. He is our ever loving fur buddy who won't accept not being petted or acknowledged. He is our slobbery kiss giver and mud sharer. He is our family and our heart.

He went into emergency surgery on the night of Friday, September 8 for what was a suspected corn cob causing an intestinal blockage. After 2.5 hours in surgery and 1.5 feet of intestines removed during a process of resection and anastomosis, it turns out it wasn't a corn cob at all (Malcolm was never much of a fan for veggies anyhow), but was instead something called Intussusception where basically one part of his intestine had kaleidoscoped another part into it. Had we waited much longer, Malcolm would not have made it. He had a successful surgery, thank God, and now the harder part begins: recovery. The next five days are crucial for his survival given a major complication of the type of surgery he had is sepsis from leakage in the intestines. We just got a call from the wonderful Doctors at Eastside and as of this morning, she shared that she is very impressed with him given he had surgery only 12 short hours ago and that he is doing okay, but that he cannot come home yet.

I realize most of you have so many other obligations financially, so many other causes and people that you could give to, especially in the wake of the hurricanes, and so many things you also could hold onto your money for. This surgery alone was over $2k and with aftercare will pass well into the $3k mark. We realized taking on a pet is a huge responsibility when we brought Malcolm and Penny home as babies, but unexpected emergencies such as these were not something we were actively prepared for. We are humbly asking for any help you may be able to give to assist us with Malcolm's medical expenses. Even if it were $20k, we still would have proceeded, because who can put a price tag on a loved one's life?

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