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Help Me Complete My Education by Kenniel McKenzie- DonateWealth

Help Me Complete My Education

Help Me Complete My Education 6 SHARES

In 2008, I moved to British Columbia, Canada from Jamaica as an international student. I attended the Okanagan College and was enrolled in a Diploma in Crimnal Justce a two year program. I had enough to pay for a for my first semester and first two months of rent but beyond that I would be depending on my mom for assistance. At the time, I had to be enrolled for 6 months before I could apply for a work permit and  accept empoyment.  
My first semester was good, I made the deans list and felt pretty confident about moving forward. This was when reality struck. I found out from my mom she would not be able to help past the next semester so I would need to figure out my way forward. The cost of international tuition fees and plus the cost of my rent was proving to much for her.  After completeing my second semester I was able to get a work permit. The work permit allowed me to accept work while school was on break. I started looking for work but because I was a immigrant, no one was willing to hire until the last two months of my summer break. This was a little too late as I was not able to save enough to cover tution cost. It was not possible to work and save for international student tution and cover rent in that time frame.

At the end of 2009, a friend of my mom who lived in Brampton offered to put me up for a few months. I reluctantly accepted the offer as it would mean giving up my progress at my current college. Once I was settled in Brampton I started applying for schools taht offered similiar  programs. I was accepted to the Sheridan College that offered a similiar program but I ended up loosing some credits. Nonetheless, I continued to work and save and was able to cover a year of studies at sheridan college from September 2011 to may 2012. I ended with a 4.0 GPA.  

At this point, time and money again caught up with me. I was working a minum wage job and would not be able to save enough to cover my tution completely for the next semester. A friend advised me to come work in Alberta for the summer as the pay their was much better that in Ontario. I listened and went to Alberta to find better paying work for the summer. In retrospect this was a bad idea. Even though I was able to find a better paying job, it was not enough to cover my tuition. I decided to stay in Alberta and maybe transfer to a new school. Again this was a bad idea as some credits were not transfereable. I was young and feeling  pressured so I didnt make the best decisions.

I was accepted into a Bachelor of Arts in Policy studies program at the Mount Royal University. At the time I thought this was great but I wasnt wise enough to see the bigger picture. If I was struggling to complete a two year Diploma program because of the cost, there is no way I would be able to afford to complete a four year Bachelor program. I started classes in 2013 with my  transfer credits putting me ahead a year and a half. I attended classes and worked while I could until April 2017 when my study and work permit expired. I was unable to renew beacause I could not show enough money to cover the rest of my degree. 

I currently have just over a year of full time sutdies left, quite a few credits, some unused but no degree or diploma to show.  I need to find a way to pay for the remainder of my tuition or face going back home with alot of alot of education, valuable work experience but no tangible degree to show.  I found that no matter how brilliant you are, if you do not have a peace of paper that says so, all your brilliance dosent mean much. I made a few bad decisions but I do not regret them as I learnt a lot along my journey. I just wish I could finally complete what I started.

If possible I would like to come up with $10000 cad to cover the final year of my studies. If i'm able to get half this much by April 2018 I would be able to re-enroll in my program in September and move towards completions.

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