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Help Me Replace My Piano by Annalisa Schmad- DonateWealth

Help Me Replace My Piano

Help Me Replace My Piano 1 SHARES

Dear friends,


In some way or another, you have touched my life and been a part of it. It could be in a professional capacity or in my passion, music. 


I am currently studying for my Master’s degree in rhythmic choral conducting in Aalborg, Denmark at the Royal Academy of Music. I am so blessed and privileged to be able to study here with the best in the world. Jim Daus Hjernoe, Jesper Holm and Peder Karlsson. These men have been a huge influence in my musical career and are definitely examples of inspiration. 


One of the subjects I have in the course of this education is jazz piano. This is something completely new to me. I learned how to play classical piano when I was younger but never learned how to play from chord schemes. This is so much fun but I have to practice. A lot. 


About 3 months before my husband Johannes died, he bought me an acoustic upright piano with his first money from his first Tour de France. We were shopping in Breda at an interior design fair and a piano company was selling these pianos. It was 4.000 guilders at the time in 1989 and it was beautiful. Black and glossy. I wanted it to stand in my living room so that I could start playing again. 

The piano has been in my living room for 25 years and I have only really started playing it since last year as part of my studies. Unfortunately, because of the intensity with which I am now rehearsing, the piano has shown to have a construction fault which causes a very bad resonance that cannot be repaired.


I do not have the money to purchase the piano at this time. Of course I could save to buy it and I will. But I also thought “why not try crowdfunding”. I have given back to society for years, subsidizing my choirs and doing pro bono rehearsals; my girls choir Bling! Is something I do completely without remuneration. Maybe there are people who would support my dream and help me along my way. 

I will also try to match the amount so I will be saving along with the campaign at the same time. When we both reach € 1.900 I will buy the piano. Just click on the link and it will tell you everything you need to know or do.

Thank you again. Feel free to share it if you like. 


Love and music, Annalisa

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