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Drowning! 12 SHARES


The Story:

For the past two years, my health has degraded. After undergoing surgery that helped me get the full use of my feet back and the promise of a second chance at Ballet, I was struck with an illness. It all came crashing down. Every day was filled with debilitating pain in my abdomen and joints. I'd spend hours glued to the bathroom because of vomiting and diarrhea and that would be days on end with the strangest symptom: I couldn't lose weight during all of it. I kept gaining. My abdomen was hard as a rock. I couldn't even lean forward or it felt like I couldn't breathe. 

I developed rashes on my skin. My mind became foggy and I had issues focusing or even remembering the simplest things that used to be routine for me. I was losing myself. We tried going to the doctor. We ran tests like CT Scans and Diagnostic Colonoscopies. No answers. More debt. In the end, we could not afford any more co-pays just to visit the doctor. Instead, my mother turned to herbs. They help push down the symptoms. They don't stop the attacks when they do happen, however... and boy is it happening now. 

I lost my job. Because of my condition, I have a hard time working full time. I started 2016 with two part time jobs and several little odd jobs. Now? I only have those little odd jobs left, which is nowhere near enough to cover our debt and help with rent. If anything, they can help with gas from time to time. My mother is strong and incredibly supportive. She's been holding me up and working full time at a job that isn't good for her due to her injured back. She persists, however, even if that place sometimes drives her crazy. On top of everything, though? We're being forced to move because management made a business decision to renovate. 

And trust me when I tell you that we looked. We searched everywhere for a cheaper place that was within driving distance of my mother's job. But between the fees needed just to try and qualify and our piling debt, we decided to take management's offer. We're moving to a different, renovated unit. That also means our rent will skyrocket. I'm still trying to find work. I've applied everywhere my health will enable me to work, but I have yet to hear back. 

To sum it up, I'm reaching out for financial help. Until I can find more work, we're drowning. What money we collect will go into the rent and maybe, hopefully, anything that remains I can put into an appointment with an allergist and any further testing required. I've removed a lot of food from my diet, but perhaps there is still something that I'm missing. 

I know times are hard, but I'd greatly appreciate anyone generous enough to donate even a little bit. Thank you...

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  • Rent Aid per month$400.00
  • Unavoidable Pet Deposit$340.00
  • Co-pay for doctor$60.00
  • Future Testing: Unknown$
Total $ 800 USD
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Update 1
on May 24, 2017

You all don't know me. Many of you don't even have a reason to care. I don't blame you. Times are tough for all of us. Still, I am pleading to you... Please, donate or share. Help spread the word of my predicament.

I'm sick. I have no job and not for the lack of trying. My mother - the brilliant, remarkable woman that she is - supports me. She works full time at a job that is dangerous for her and her injured back. She risks being paralyzed every day so that we may have a roof over our head.

The trouble is... we might lose that roof because I can't pull my weight. I've applied to so many positions, but between my lack of experience, unfinished college education, and my un-diagnosed illness, it's hard getting hired anywhere. I even have a staffing agency helping me.

Back to the roof issue. We live in an apartment. Our lease is ending and management made a business decision to renovate everything. We found out via courtesy call when we were supposed to alert them of any intention to move, only to be alerted that we have no choice.

They gave us an option, though, and between everywhere else and all the fees just to try and get approved, we decided to take them up on that offer. It'll save us the thousand or so dollars that we do not immediately have just to move elsewhere for smaller space and similar or more rent.

The issue? It's 300 more expensive and we were already getting on by our teeth before the increase thanks to all of our debt. Yes, we tried looking elsewhere. Anything cheaper was far more than an hour from my mother's job. We couldn't accept that.

Until I can find work, we need help for rent. I beg of you. Please, help us.

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