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Please Help A Dad Keep His Home by Laron Williams - DonateWealth

Please Help A Dad Keep His Home

Please Help A Dad Keep His Home 27 SHARES


You never know when troubled times would come until you get hit with them.  I ask if could please bear with me.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and my typing and writing can be bad at times.  I will try my hardest to go back and correct all that I can before submitting.  

2010 was supposed to have been the year that I finally had myself position where my life was on the way up.  I never knew my now estrange wife would be telling me on Father’s Day that she wasn’t in love with me no more.  We had just had what I thought to be the best time for her birthday the night before.  I guess the joke was on me because out of our 5-year marriage at the time I didn’t know she was leaving the house for work at times going to see him.  Even lied about trips with friends to be with him. From June to about the end of February of 2011 I went through hell trying to get her back.  I hit what I thought to be rock bottom.  How could I get any lower I thought….?

March 3, 2011 took me even lower because I was told that I had white spots on my brain.  My wife was next to me when I got the news.  Times like this was supposed to bring marriages back together at least that’s what happens on tv.  Not my situation, it only made matters worse.  It seemed to only push her closer to him and further from the family.  I sadly found myself depending on my 11yr old daughter.  It was embarrassing at times because she bathed and clothed me while her mom chooses to have fun with her mister.  

The affair came to a halt maybe 2 years ago.  8 years of me and kids watching her go in and out the motion with him, watching her attempt 3 times to take her life because she couldn’t deal. Made this incurable decease even worst.  I’m sure if you are reading this you are wondering why didn’t I take the kids and leave?  I didn’t then and I don’t have the money to divorce her.  Lord knows I would if I could.  My daughter is now 16yrs old and my son is 11.  Me and their mom stay in the same house just in separate rooms.  I’ve been trying to get a divorce these past few years so that I can give my kids a better life at least. But I only get $415 for SSi a month and that doesn’t include what I must pay for medication.

The only thing I have going for me is online school which I have one more year of because having to withdrawal a couple of times due to flare-ups from my MS.  My kids which don’t have a life because daddy can’t work, we barely have food.  

Through all this my kids are A-B honor roll and I can’t even buy clothes and shoes for them….

Tomorrow is never promise so I’m asking for help now so that I can feed and clothe my kids!

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