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Generosity Of Faith And Heart by Edward Williams- DonateWealth

Generosity Of Faith And Heart

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I need your help to raise money for attorney fees and to help make house payments so that I will not lose my home.

January 2014, I filed a lawsuit against my ex-business partner and the company I previously owned for money owed me from Retained Earnings and a Schedule K-1 I never received. I had paid taxes on the previous Retained Earnings amount but never received that money. I Received a Schedule K-1 for Tax Year 2012 which I had to file with my personal taxes, but I never received the money from my former business. The amount of the Schedule K-1 amount, combined with my 2012 income left me owing the Federal government $54,000.00 and State Government $13,000.00; now with all late fees those combined amounts are at an astronomical amount. 


The work I do requires me to have a security clearance, and since I owe the Federal Government money, I am not able to renew my security clearance because of the Schedule K-1 putting me in in a situation I am working to resolve; as of now therefore I cannot get a job.


In June of 2015 the IRS seized all of our banks accounts in the amount of $16,000.00, plus $4000.00 from previous year tax return. I spoke with the IRS on the phone, provided all documentation they stated was required, and was told I had seven (7) days to respond with paperwork and they would review and make a determination. After paperwork was sent, I never heard back from them with a determination and they withdrew the money from all of our accounts. When my wife called to inquire as to the decision, she was treated with total contempt and disrespect.


In September 2015 I processed a voluntary surrender of my vehicle with the financing bank. We have drained all of our savings and retirement accounts trying to keep our head above water, but have reached a point where we no longer have any funds available to make our house payment, pay monthly bills. As much as we have tried to keep our head above water and not burden anyone, the well has run dry.


I have always helped people in their time of need, given to charity, volunteered my time to help with charitable functions, always donated to the Wounded Warrior Fund, and have never asked for anything in return.

As the fourth Christmas approaches my family is still unable to celebrate this holy time of the year due to the stress and pain this still continues to cause.


I have paid out over $15,000.00 in attorney fee, $26,600.00 arbitration, $20,000.00 IRS seizures, $55,000.00 voluntary surrender of vehicle ($116,600.00 total), and as a result have had to shut down my startup company while my ex-business partner uses company funds to pay his and the companies legal fees.


I have received a payment notice from the American Arbitration Association $8500.00 plus an additional payment to the arbitrator for 6 additional hours of work that is due by December 23, 2016. I fear that if this money is not paid, this case against my ex-business partner and former company will be dismissed as they have used the system in an attempt to put me in financial ruins, all the while benefitting from the fruits of my labor.


I served in the United States Army and retired in 1993 with 30% Disabilty. My entire adult life I have always worked and have never had to ask anyone for help.


I am asking that you find kindness and charity in your heart to help us with these remaining legal fees.


I can be reached by e-mail at EdwardLWilliams@elwaits.com

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