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My Medical & Educational Fund

My Medical & Educational Fund 4 SHARES



My name is Amanda Bryans and I am currently a first-generation freshman at the University of Alaska Career College.

I came to Alaska with the goal of completing two bachelor's degrees in four years-- one in theatre arts/secondary education, and the other in English/secondary education. It's a rigorous schedule, but I'm dedicated to making it happen.

I'm pursuing degrees in education, because I can't think of a place where I could have a greater impact. The reason I'm in college for the degrees I am is because I had educators that were passionate about their subjects and were invested in my education. My teachers challenged me to work harder and think deeper, and insisted I be successful even when I felt I wasn't capable.

I saw through them that education is the most valuable tool we have for changing and inspiring youth. 

I've begun teaching lessons as part of my university coursework, and I know that this is where I'm meant to be. I get excited to write lesson plans, answer questions, and interact with others as an educator. I know that this is the field where I can change lives, and put my skills to use.

But college is expensive-- more than $8,000 a semester. My parents are unable to contribute much towards my tuition, so a majority of the funds will have to come from elsewhere. I've sought out scholarships and various forms of aid, which have helped, but there's only so much I can do.

I'm raising money to help cover the various costs of attendance here at my university. This includes room and board, tuition, and student fees. $5,000 would almost cover an entire semester, which would make a world of a difference to me. 

I'm in love with the work I do, and I want to be able to do it every single day. Your contribution means I can continue moving towards becoming a teacher and pursuing what I love. I would be so grateful for any donation-- every bit counts. 

If you are unable to donate, please share this on social media and with anyone you know who might be willing to donate. 

Thank you.

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