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Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses 31 SHARES

Two years after our son was born we were blessed with a little girl. She was so perfect, always smiling and filling the house with so much laughter. We all loved her so so much.

The summer of 2016 we noticed she wasn't acting like herself, but we didn't know what was wrong.

It started with her drinking more water than normal. We thought she was just trying to race her older brother (which they often did) and drink more than him. But she was also wetting the bed almost every night after she was doing so well with potty training only a few months earlier.

We took her to the doctor when we noticed the constipation and followed his instructions. Then the vomiting suddenly, getting tired and weak started.

She began losing weight, stopped laughing and smiling as much as she used to. And was just all around miserable. So we did what any parent would do, we went back to the doctor and had a blood test done.

In August 2016, right before her 3rd birthday, our baby girl was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She was dehydrated and had very high ketones.

We just couldn't believe it. Neither of us nor anyone in our families had T1D.

It was heartbreaking to see her hooked up with IVs and given shots up to four times a day. Even harder when we had to learn to do it ourselves. Yet she was brave and didn't fight when it was time to get her insulin.

Soon she was out of the hospital and back home. Shortly after, however, the medical bills started to arrive.

Even with both of us working, we were forced to dip into our savings just to pay the bills and get her much needed medications.

Funds we worked so hard to save up were all but completely gone and the bills still keep piling up with monthly medication refills and doctor visits.

Since then we have also had a brand new baby. More expenses came in from the delivery.

I've tried to apply for some form of aid whether it be some financial help or food stamps but we were denied saying we make too much before taxes. 

Anything we could raise would help us pay off some if not all the bills we are currently struggling to pay off and maybe get ahead of the game. Any help, whether a few dollars or our story shared so that our goal could be achieved would be greatly

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