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88 Y Old Poor Widow Of Med Care by Nina Chittum- DonateWealth

88 Y Old Poor Widow Of Med Care

88 Y Old Poor Widow Of Med Care 3 SHARES

ABOUT THE PERSON: Kulsum Hussein


Age: 88 

Husband: cab driver (died when she was 40)

Children: none

Hometown: Mumbai

Sources of income:

Age 40-52: cleaning people’s homes in Mumbai

Age 53-73: nanny & housekeeper for my family in the US

Age 74-88: Interest from savings (Mumbai) – INR 1000 per month

Housing situation: lives alone in tenement housing purchased from Aga Khan Development Network in Mumbai; bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen contained within 4’x6’ room

Health: pulmonary hypertension (see below for details about recent incident) 

Mobility: cannot stand upright; needs a walker; can no longer step out

Medical infrastructure: none; has no walker, wheelchair, etc.

Insurance: none; not eligible based on my research

Citizenship: USA; technically entitled to social security/retirement benefits but I have been unable to help her get it despite multiple attempts

Financial status: No income 




She generously put most of her savings from her time in the US towards helping her family improve their quality of life; helped in terms of housing, education, etc.

Remaining funds depleted between last surgery (intestinal ischemia – 2014), this hospital visit, and related medication, check-ups, etc.

Never has a “woe is me” attitude

Truly wants to continue to be as independent as possible and avoid being a burden to anyone and/or at the mercy of someone else




I came to know that she was ill because I happened to call her at 11:30 pm randomly, and noticed that she was struggling to speak. She just about managed to tell me that she had major incontinence for the last two days (urinating incessantly), was shivering, and had severe pain in her legs. It was clear to me that she was also not completely coherent. I rushed and was at her house by midnight, and opened her door to find that the lights were off. There she was sitting on the floor in the darkness with a MASSIVE bump on her head. She had fallen trying to change her clothes, and was totally helpless at that point. Luckily I had had the presence of mind to grab some blankets on the way out for her.


At the ICU, I learned that her bump had become a haematoma, and that part of her spine was damaged as a result of her fall. She was on pain killers, calcium, electrolytes, and of course a lot of rest for the next few days. She has been prescribed continuous physiotherapy, a balanced diet, calcium, and other medication along with follow-up visits. 




Contribute towards repayment of loan

Share advice/information to help get the social security benefits that she is entitled to

Help get her a health insurance policy, as she has been denied whenever I made an attempt to get her one; it would really help her in the event that she faces another such situation

Provide water and/or any other supplies (see below)

Simply share this post with friends, family, etc.


We are asking for the total of her two loan amounts (approximately Rs. 245,000) + the 6% Ketto fee. The following is documentation from her recent visit (don't have the other one handy):


Many thanks in advance just for reading this and simply considering the idea of supporting her.

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