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Help Us Stay In Our Apartment by Laura Montgomery - DonateWealth

Help Us Stay In Our Apartment

Help Us Stay In Our Apartment2 SHARES

My 13 yr old daughter has had some issues with her health and requires evening physical therapy sessions, so right now, it's difficult to acquire a second job, once the issue is resolved I have no problem with finding a second source of income. My 18 yr old son is struggling to get through his senior year of school and can not handle a job at this time. Our landlord has been amazing and very patient with the fact that I have been struggling to pay rent for several months now, but tonight has informed us that if we can not make up the missing rent and late fees by early January, we will have to find a new home.  All of my utilities are included in my rent which is $1000/month, I am behind for November and December.


My teenage children were very understanding of the fact that I did not have money for Christmas presents for them last year and they've again accepted it this year. They are amazing and understanding kids.


I don't like to ask for help, which is probably why I'm so far behind at this time. I'm not asking for more than I need, just enough to maintain our residence. I will pay this forward in any way I can.


Thank you in advance. Any amount helps.

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