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Timo Crossing The Atlantic

Timo Crossing The Atlantic20 SHARES

I always loved to be different and seek the adventure. So after finishing my O-levels this year I am going to Holland for 1 year schooling and I am planning to take part in Masterskip Wylde Swan for 2 months - from 2nd February till 2nd April 2017.


The Wylde Swan does 4 trips:

Trip A: from Rotterdam to Madeira

Trip B: Madera to the Caribbean.

Trip C: around the Caribbean. 

And trip D: from the Caribbean through the Azores to Rotterdam (across the North Atlantic Ocean) this is noticably the most challenging and the one which I want to do.. 


This takes 2 months and during this trip I will also continue studying my Havo 4, I will be doing this year in Ermelo (Holland).


This trip costs €6750. This includes the flights, all the food, teaching of the subject, sailing instructions etc. I know this is a lot of money but it is an investment in my future. It will improve my sailing skills on a bigger boat, and will contribute towards my sea miles since I'll be doing my IOC Navigational watch in October 2017.


As you might have noticed I have set up a facebook page dedicated to this "project". I will be giving updates about how everything is going and hopefully daily updates throughout the trip. If you would like to sponsor me as a company I could take pictures with your company logo on the ship for publicity, mention you on social media, link to your site etc. Besides all this, sponsoring a young person with a dream will give you a great feeling and isn't kindness what its all about in life?


If you want to learn more about the trip that I am going to do:  http://www.masterskip-wyldeswan.com/#&panel1-8



This is the facebook page which I'll be using to post updates etc: www.facebook.com/timo.masterskip.wyldeswan/


Thank you so much :)


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