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Help Lizzy Beat Cancer

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Anyone who has ever met her will attest that Lizzy is the sweetest Golden Retriever you'll ever meet. She has always had such a sweet and loving disposition. The only thing she ever "asked" for is to be petted (endessly). She is almost 11 years old but she is still full of life. A happy-go-lucky girl who loves her treats, toys, people, lounging in the sunshine, taking baths, walks, and the list goes on. 

She has been diagnosed with intermediate-to-high grade lymphoma. While she does have pet insurance, the policy will not cover the full treatment she will need to fight this condition. I never had kids and she IS my babygirl. She is not exhibiting signs of illness yet and is still full of smiles and happy tail-wags. She has no idea of the monster that is lurking inside of her. She deserves a chance at continuing her happy life. She is going to get the treatments she needs to be able to frolic in the yard chasing birds for years to come but she has a rough, long road ahead. She has so many bushes to sniff, friends to make, walks to take. 

I have a difficult time asking for help (I'm sure my friends would agree), but I'm doing so for HER. If you are able to help by contributing anything (no amount is too small), we would be forever greatful so that we can enjoy her smiling face and sweet kisses for as long as possible.

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