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A Mothers Heart Asking For Help by Mo Samadi- DonateWealth

A Mothers Heart Asking For Help

A Mothers Heart Asking For Help 0 SHARES

Here is the base of our story and the root of challenge we are standing for, also the root of great suffering we try to brake true.

For the last 7 months i am trying  to re emigrate to my own country, the netherlands. Born in the city of Amsterdam. But the covernment is not allowing us to move back. Trapped and completly stuck in a strange and complex web of the system, or a hole in the maze in wich i do not see the way to make it move any more, in any direction.


The latest advice given was: move to the streets and then the case could be treated as a homeless woman, with out my child, because children are not allowd living on the street! Meaning, they place her in a family and let me suffer on the street with food money and a weakened body condition, ohh my!

The winter will not await to long  to come and i would be sleeping in parks etc! This is an unbelievable advice but it is told so!

We are now sleeping in places offerd to us, a matras in a room of wonderful human beings who are willing to not let us end up in the most scarry scenario of all, losing my daughter,  and my daughter me. Living on the street, getting more sick and god knows where this might end! How is this all posssible,? well; it is said so!


We came home, with such high hopes and Dreams. Give my child an opportunity to receive education, make new friends, which she misses so much. Get myself Healed. But here we are, treated as strangers, ignored and rejected in my root land, right here on Our Mother Earth.

It is really hard to tell you how this feels and how unbelievable this all is, but it is!

we will light a candle and praise your name, may it be for ever written in the Stars and the Heart of the One.


So much Love and Grattidute for all those who feel and wish to share something, to rebuild two beautifull Hearts from a Mothers and a Daughter.


Ohm Shanti.



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