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Support For Psychology B.S.

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My name is Alex Newman and I am EKU undergraduate student in Richmond, Ky and will finish my A.A.S this Spring of 2017. I am pursuing a Psychology B.S degree this Fall 2017, and will get into the graduate program upon completion of my B.S. 

What am I studying and why?

Psychology B.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation 

The reason why I am studying Psychology is to help people who suffer with psychological problems, and it is my joy to help people through their problems and get true healing. I have always been a mediator and offering counsel to those in need. I am dedicating my life to helping people because we live in a darkened world full of brokenness and pain. I want to be a light to their depression, hate, or anything that holds a person back for realizing who he or she is in this life.

Why do I need help?

We are told as children to dream! My dream is to become a career Psychologist and give back to my community and bless people, because I am blessed by my parents! But, this dream requires me to get a degree which costs a lot of money. My parents want to help me; however, they cannot help me financially, as they are both divorced, retired, and living on disability with fixed income. Since, they are on fixed incomes they cannot cosign on a loan.

However, no matter what difficulties in life may throw my way. I am confident that my dream will come true with the love and support of my family, friends, and strangers who believe in me and helping those in need. I am receiving FASFA and working long hours in my job to do what I can to meet my goal, but I am falling short of my goal and need help to raise funds to meet my financial goal of $5,500, and humbly ask donations. Please, can you help me on my journey.

Whether or not you can help me financially, please give words of encouragement and keep me in your prayers!

Alex Newman

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  • on 2017-02-16 06:18:02

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on January 26, 2017

Juno Mars,

Thank you, for your generous gift and for keeping me in your prayers. Know, that I am touched by your gift and prayers.



Alex Newman

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