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More Unique Education For Women by Timothy Sanders- DonateWealth

More Unique Education For Women

More Unique Education For Women 4 SHARES

Where do I start?
I'm 26 and I have been a vegan for four years and out of body meditation for six.
I am also apart of AMORC Rosicrucians and have been for a little ove two years and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I was born on March 4th 1991 in Lufkin,Tx but grew up in a little town called Crockett just a couple of miles away...

Meditation and deep relaxation saved my life from anxiety and stopped my addiction to cigarettes and i'm proud to say I haven't touched one in five years.

Throughout my life I loved education but the education they teach at many American schools is based on outside education instead of from within..

Sometimes I think about what if the elementary kids did ten straight minutes of deep breathing and focused relaxation being instructed by the teacher and actually making this apart of the cirriculum befor the start of every class session.

This is not my first campaign and it's not my last because I know the gift of giving..

I'm 25 years old and I sponsored a child from Ecuador with the help of children.org.
I pay 32 dollars a month and it's a good thing to spread that energy to another life.

I also can keep up with his progress by writing him electronically through the website and also providing him with my education and guidance... 

And I know how hard it is for many women because if their emotional thoughts have no empowerment, they feel like second class citizens..

Many men feel like this as well, but today's society see men as the ultimate provider and to suck it up when times get tough when truly it's about the empowerment of mind..

Many women were banned from hard labor which is what brought about the mind frame of CEO's being for this reason makes many women more prone to professionalism.

Many take on financial careers learning the responsibility of money and others have no way of receiving that education for two specific reasons...

The first reason to start is that they don't THINK about knowing the ways of currency and having the currency work for them.. They work much harder for it instead and always feel trapped in bills..

And the second reason is many DON'T WANT the education and DO NOT act in spite of fear.
They tend to lock  themselves up instead of taking risks and even men do this so when women do it then it gets scary.

Feeling secure is ok but knowing when to take it to that next level of consciousness is great and a great tool for life..

That's why meditation and knowing your breathing and visualization is good and I know many women do this already  because there are many who stay ahead of the game.

But for the ones who are searching and attached to this beautiful information age can find me as I make it easier.

One of my recent Facebook clubs I just opened is a meditation club with techniques to help people here...


Here is a much older and respected one called the Love Club..


And here is a group I call P.R.O.U.D (Positive Reinforcements Offering Unique Decisions).


I have way more so I tend to stay busy but flexible and mobile doing what I love and still having time to meditate and read.


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