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Hargobind's Brain Cancer Fund

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Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to read this message about our brother-in-law Hargobind Singh who is battling stage 4 Brain Cancer and heading into 7th brain surgery.

Many of you know Hargobind or have heard about him. He is a compassionate soul who his nana ji (maternal grandfather), Jerry Nepon likes to lovingly call a ‘Gentle Warrior’. This Gentle- Warrior is also known across the US and beyond as an accomplished gatka performer (Sikh martial art) and a fire performer. He has trained hundreds of young Sikhs in this traditional martial art across the US. 




Originally, Hargobind is a Los Angelino who three years ago moved to the big apple in a cross country trip with his wife, Dalveer to start their life together.  We welcomed Hargobind and Dalveer to Team 617 which was their first home in Harlem – basically our house in the midst of a major gut renovation and he was instrumental in helping with the construction efforts and our dream. Hargobind is the designated chef in the family. He loves to cook. If there is one profession he was meant to really engage in, it was being a chef. And the cuisine he really rocks out…………take a moment to guess……………Mexican!

His vegetarian quesadillas, tacos, burritos and guacamole are legendary among family and friends. 

A year after this move life threw a big curve ball towards Hargobind’s way. On Jan 13th, 2015 he was rushed into the emergency room with a fist sized brain tumor. A 10 hour surgery was performed to save his life. Hargobind recovered from this first battle scared but determined to be healed. He returned to the surgical table five more times in the next few months after a round of chemotherapy and radiation. Valiantly he returned to work on a part time basis by spring 2016 and he felt rejuvenated with the will to resume his life’s passions as the tumor seemed contained at stage 3.

He was roller blading through Central Park, whipping up new culinary recipes, making fresh batches of Harfi (a Hargobind version of the famed Indian condiment Burfi. I will take credit for coming up with this name).

And then in late August 2016 life threw another curve ball his way. The cancer was back. After another surgery to remove the tumor the cancer had now progressed to stage 4. During the surgery Hargobind suffered a stroke that just about completely paralyzed the left side of this body. He has been going through aggressive therapy to get back on his feet.



Two weeks ago Hargobind’s health took a turn for the worse. The tumor is back with a vengeance having spread to other parts of the brain. He is now into his seventh surgery with a challenging prognosis.

Through it all Hargobind has been a presence of grace which honestly we don’t think we would exhibit if we were in his shoes. His loving wife has assumed the role of his primary carer taking the gargantuan task of keeping everything running as smoothly in their lives and giving Hargobind the anchor needed in these daunting times. He has been surrounded by love and support of friends and family.



Unfortunately, this is a battle that has incurred a huge financial cost (medical bills, copayments, drug trails, treatment costs, lost wages) besides daily living costs. These costs will accrue in the coming weeks and months. We are seeking your support in this challenging time in our lives. Any donation amount will be appreciated. All donations will go directly towards Hargobind’s care. We thank you in advance. 

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Satpal and Vishavjit

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