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Kate's Chiropractic Trip by Kate Morgan- DonateWealth

Kate's Chiropractic Trip

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Thank you for taking the time to check out my page! As you may or may not know, I am wrapping up my fourth quarter at College in Hayward, California. I’ve been loving every minute for almost an entire year, and have found my true calling in life. I spend about 35 hours each week in class, and come early and stay late on campus most days to train my body and mind, and practice my skills. Most weekends I find something chiropractic-related to do such as attending additional seminars with outside doctors, or organizing events for the Chiropractic Clubs. Prior to starting chiropractic school, I spent about two years to working as a chiropractic assistant, during which time I was able to get an insider’s view of a chiropractic life and see the impact we were able to make on a daily basis in the lives of hundreds of people.

I will be traveling with a group of dedicated, passionate friends and classmates, as well as some from other chiropractic schools, with the organization Chiromissions. The opportunity to serve as many people as I am physically capable of is thrilling and intimidating and inspires me to step up my training and studying game this quarter in preparation.

This trip will be very valuable, not only for the people I will serve through my chiropractic touch, but also in my own development and finessing of my skill. I totally believe it will be worthwhile to all involved, but I still am unable to finance it on my own. I’ve estimated that I need about $3000 to cover all my expenses, which would include the flight and transport, food and lodging, snacks and basic supplies, some specific equipment, i will be added $1000 USD from my saving to this cause.

If you’d rather contribute offline, please contact me, that can certainly be arranged and I’d love to hear from you.


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  • Flights, transport within and around$1300
  • food and lodging, snacks and basic supplies, some specific equipment$1700
Total $ 3000 USD
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