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Hello, my name is Mia. I'm from the small Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

I love art and was involved different arts related clubs at my previous schools. Some of these clubs were photography, fashion and design and the arts club.

In Saint Lucia traditional occupations such as a doctor, lawyer, teacher and so on, were regarded as "real jobs". Fields of work involving art were not considered a substantial livelihood.

I want to be a part of the change in my country to show the importance of expression through art. I also want to develop my talents and become a professional in whatever I do.

I recently got accepted to an undergraduate program in Digital Communications at Humber College(Lakeshore) in Canada.

In my home country it wouldn't be possible for me to study in this field as there are limited educational provisions. 

Its really one of the only schools I could find which offers this program with the specific courses I want to take. [ Example: Audio and Video production, Web and Graphics Design]

The problem is, it is really expensive mainly because I am an international student. Also, taking a loan  would put my parents further in debt.

I would need financial assistance  to help cover expenses for this academic year at Humber College. Some of these expenses are:
-School Supplies [Books]
-Living Expenses [food, clothes]

My vision is to complete my four year degree by graduating and making myself and my parents. With your help I can make my dream come true.

I am thankful for any donation made, no matter the size, I also appreciate if you can only share this campaign.

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  • Deposit for academic year 2017 -2018$8106
  • School Supplies and Materials$2000
Total $ 10106 USD
Total cost bar chart

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