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Trying To Make A Difference by Tim Vries- DonateWealth

Trying To Make A Difference

Trying To Make A Difference 12 SHARES

I'm Tim and I want to help the people that had no other options then to jump in a small boat with to many people and then could only hope to get ashore safely. I want to help those who came to Europe with the hope of being able to lead a normal live again, but instead they were put in to camps, like aninmals, and locked away from the rest of the world with large fences, barbwire and often law officers who will hurt anyone who tries to get out off a camp. But what people often forget is that these people have given up everything, their home, their family and loved ones and risked even the lives of not only themselves but often their childeren's lives. And what did they get for that? Being treated like animals, that's what they got.


But I will try to help them, because on December 7th 2016 I will travel to Greece and help the people who are already helping the refugees in the camps. The trip is already self funded, and with the money from this campaign I will buy the things will definitely need in the harsh winter months, like blankets to stay warm and better tents to give them a place to sleep at night without getting wet from the rain. And we will create a big christmas dinner on christmas eve, because everyone deserves a happy christmas.


I'm doing this because I couldn't stand watching the news everyday and seeing them talking about the refugees, but there hasn't been any progress. They are always talking about it, but they are never doing anything about it to try to change it. But I got enough of it and decided to do something about it.

With your support, even if it's not alot, I will be able to give a lot of refugees hope on a better future.

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