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Homeless,But Not Hopeless by Maurice Holden- DonateWealth

Homeless,But Not Hopeless

Homeless,But Not Hopeless 2 SHARES

Hi my name is Maurice A. Holden and I have a story to tell you.  My wife (Carol Harper-Holden) were attended Kent State University.  I'm studying computer engineering and my significant other already has her bachelors degree (Sociology), yet she was working on her 2nd bachelor's in applied communication. 

As of now my wife and I are homeless.  Nowhere to go.   Where do I get to write this story?  The Kent State Library in the computer lab.  As I ponder to myself, I had to ask these questions: 

How did it happen?
You see life was going normal for us then a turn of events caused us to become homeless.  Last year we were living in the Miller's  Homeless shelter because I lost my job, as a custodian, at Kent State.  By having a lack of money forced lead us to leave our apartment in Akron.  We ended up staying in a Days Inn motel for about 3 weeks.  I had just enough money to cover the costs until I ran out of funds. 

I met this guy name Mark Frisone.  He is Excutive Director at the Family & Community Services.  This man was very kind and friendly to us which I really appreciate him.  He decided to pay on our motel bill until we got into the Miller's house.  When we arrived to the establishment, I felt so embarressed for being in my situation.  The Housing Specialist seperated us.  I had to sleep in the men's room while my wife had to go to the women's.  Everyday, when I had a car, I had to go out and find jobs.   In Kent Ohio, a rural town where jobs are scarce,  we had the hardest time looking for  work.  

Since I didn't work, I was threaten everyday by this financial bank called LGM about my car.  They put a system call GPS into my motor.  If I didn't pay my bill, they would turn off my car until they recieve money.  I had to pay $211.57 every two weeks and it was hard and very stressful.  Since I couldn't afford to pay on it my car was cut-off.  I had to wait til my income tax check come to get it cut back on.  It was enough to pay for the rest of the month. 

After three months in the miller's house,  we were assigned to a program call PATH.  Our Advocate put us in an apartment across the street from the shelter.  PATH paid the first 6 months while we continue to look for jobs.  I finally ended up getting a job at Old Carolina ribs restaurant as a full-time  cook and Carol had gotten a job at Acme's grocery store as a part-time meat cutter.  Everything was going good.  When path program had finish after six months, we had to take over the rent.  We had to pay $550 a month.  All of a sudden, my hours at my job got cut.  i Went from 39 hours  to 12 hours a week until my job let me go because I couldn't get to work on Sundays.  My wife lost her job because she got really sick and had to go to the hospital.  She got her doctor's excuse but her job fired her.  Luckily our rent was caught up until the first six days of March.  Then my car was taken by the repo man.  I thought things couldn't get any worst until my wife's mother died.  She was so devastated.  The landlord put a 3 day leave the apartment notice on our door and we were only 6 days late on our rent.  A week later the bailiff came to our door to delievered court papers to us.  We found out that we were being evicted.  We went to court and the judge decided to favor the landlord.  We had only one week to get out or she was going to lock our stuff in the apartment.  I was so upset about this.  

It is tough out here in the streets.
Being homeless has been a experience that I will never forget and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. 
Every night my wife and I have to find places to eat and sleep.  We had to go from staying up all night at Sheetz gas station and around 4:45 am we walked down to Starbucks coffee establishment.  Around 6:45 am we walked on the campus of kent state to arrive at the student union.  We sleep until 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  We get on the computer looking for jobs.  Unfortunately we haven't found anything yet.  When it's time we go back to sheetz around 11 pm, we sit at the  tables outside of building because we could not sleep inside the building. They wouldn't allow it.  I noticed that when the customers come into the store, they see us sitting there with our bags.  They tend to look the other way.  Matter of fact, He or she pull their car in front of us and quickly get out and walk fast to the building and lock their car door.  We had no intention to steal anything.   Sometimes I had to ask for money from stangers so we can eat until the manager told me I had to stop panhanding outside on the grounds.  So I go to the university to ask for money from other students.  I did succeeded until someone call the KSU police on me.  The officers told me I couldn't ask for money on campus.  I was so frustrated.  At least we get food stamps but it loaded up on the 20th of every month.  

We are so tired staying up all night and sometimes we started to turn on each other.  Good thing that God is with us.  We despartely need help. I just wish someone put us in a motel for a week.   Ouf families won't help us and our so-call friends won't help either.  All we hear is "I will pray for you"  We are grateful for that but we need help.  People we know tend to walk the other way when they see us.  I was told that if the police catches me asking for money, I can get arrested.  Don't want that.

To sum all this up:
It's not easy being out in the streets.  I can't find jobs in this rural town, people here tend to look down on you like if you were the most worst thing they ever seen, and

Losing my car was the worst things that can happen because in this town I can't get around to do anything.  Plus the bus can only take you so far; however, there is hope.  Despite my current situation, with faith & prayer, I've decided to do something about it and start the GoFundME page to secure housing for my wife.  Please help us get started, no donation is too big or too small.  Thank you in Advance and God Bless You!


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