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Josh Medical Treatment & Move F

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Hello! My name is Amy and my husband's name is Josh. We have been married since June of 2016. Currently we both live in Germany and both are born citizen from the USA. September my husband was in the hospital and was diagnosed with Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. It was very hard to hear for the both of us being newlyweds. Treatment in Germany is not great here for the stage he is in. We have been told if he doesn't get care he will not live over 2 yrs. We have found really good care he can get at Ohio State University. That being said we need to move back to the States. We both do not have the best income right now. Josh can't work now. I am a waitress working part time but being constantly at the hospital with Josh until he can get treatment and several surgeries in the US. I plan to work once in the US and find something that works for the both of us. Both of us do not have any living relatives so that could help so seeking help with the public, facebook friends, support groups and gofundme. Every donation given will be used and if anything left will be donated to the Leukemia foundation. We are asking for 350,000 so he can get treatment, our move and living expenses. If 3,500 people donate $100 that would make our goal. We understand that is a lot but anything will help us make us one step closer to make Josh feeling better and we can make more memories as newlyweds.

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  • on 2017-04-25 12:33:12

    Get Well Soon Josh....God Bless You....

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