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Help Me Set Up My Dream Cafe! by Ramon Sten- DonateWealth

Help Me Set Up My Dream Cafe!

Help Me Set Up My Dream Cafe! 0 SHARES

Our plan is to locate the café in Amsterdam. Why? Mostly because of the tourism. Amsterdam is known for its variety in shops and café's and this is why we think it would be highly suitable for us to start there. 

Our café is inpsired by Japanese Maid Café aesthetics. We are aware that Western demographics look differently at maids than Asians do, and that is why we want to use the maid and butler outfits to create a sense of luxury, together with great service and a smile from our future employees towards our customers. Of course our menu will consist of Asian, Western and vegetarian meals. Both with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The amount we ask for is based on several factors such as rent based on the first year (since most locations ask for the first year to be paid upfront), hardware, taxes, promotion, and of course multiple permits in order to be able to run our café. We also need to pay for webhosting and to the chamber of commerce NL (KvK). 

It will mean the world to me and my fianceé to get this started and off the ground. We both come from a very poor background and no one in both our families has ever achieved any high position has ever owned a business. This is also why they can not support us in any way possible.

We will be forever gratefull tho those who will fund us! I just can't simply explain in words how happy we will be, even with just the slighest amounds of donations. I hope people will realize how important this is to us! 

We want to thank you big time in advance and we really hope our dream can come true thanks to your help! 

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