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Get Amy To The USA ! by Ali Banat- DonateWealth

Get Amy To The USA !

Get Amy To The USA ! 0 SHARES

I am Martin Swinkels, father of two beautiful daughters age 19 and 16, I want to ask you if you would be so kind and make my youngest daughter Amy’s wish come true. Amy was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer (Hodgkin) in 2014. Our world just stopped when we heard this, but with a lot of help of family and friends we got through.. The last 7 months Amy got several chemo and radio therapies and the pain and suffering were hard but after therapies were over we received really good news in january. The cancer was almost gone and inactive. We were extremely happy as a family! Rehabilitation could begin and Amy would fully recover in about six months. 

But Amy proved to be ultra sensitive to one of the chemo medication ingredients and she just got more and more pain in arms, legs and back. She was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis. (Osteonecrosis is a disease resulting from the temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to the bones. Without blood, the bone tissue dies, and ultimately the bone may collapse.) This is extremely painful and even on heavy painkillers, the pain most often is 8/10. When the painkillers wear out at night, she wakes up screaming and there is nothing we can do as parents…. This makes us feel so helpless.
For her bones to heal again she gets medication and has to walk or at least move a little bit, but every move is very painfull, so its very hard. This will again take about a year for complete recovery if all goes well.
Now Amy has got a wish… She dreams of the USA. Traveling from New York to Los Angeles and seeing all the stuff she only knows from movies… 
This is very expensive and as a normal family we can never ever finance this... So I’m trying to help make Amy’s dream come true and kindly ask you to donate. 

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