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New House Fund

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Hello my name is Sandra. I am Trying to gain some extra funds so that i can purchase a new moble home since the one i live in is falling apart faster than it can be repaired. 

I am hoping to get enough for a down payment or enough to purchase on a newer mobile home, since they are better insulated against different weather, have up to date wireing, and most now have a peaked roof. 

It snows a lot and the temps can get below freezing where i live, during the winter months. I had the misfortune last year of having the pipes under the house freeze and had to bucket my water in for several weeks and it was months before i could get my hot water hooked back up and running correctly. Early Spring i had the electricity quit working on one entire side of the house, which is difficult since i liked being able to flip a switch and have overhead lights in the kitchen. Wiring is to old.

I have had a terrible time trying to repair water damage from years of neglect that acurred before i bought the mobile home and have been told that even a new roof wont fix the fact that the house is now beyond repiar. 

I am excited that moble homes are still made though sometimes different names and that they have ones with peaked roofs for snow areas and thicker insulation for the different elevations. I just wasn't too excited when i found out how much it costs to purchase and move one to the lot i live on.

I love my job as an in home care provider for the elderly and disabled, it just does not give me the income required to save up to get things done or replaced in a timely manner, so i am here asking for some assistance in raising the funds nessasary to purchase a new mobile home to replace the older one i currently call home.

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