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Help For Bone Marrow Transplant

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This is Olivia Reitmeyer, or as we call her, Livvy. Livvy was born on November 21, 2014 with a condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa. We are setting up this page so that we may find help with our travel and medical expenses that we will incur in 2017. For more information on our journey thus far, we invite you to follow our blog at: facebook.com/LivvysLullaby


Her specialized doctors (of which there are several) have performed more surgeries on her than most people see in a lifetime, and she's only two years old. She has a trach installed in her throat to help her to breathe as the sores affect her internally as well and have closed her upper airway. A feeding tube as added a few months later because she was not able to absorb all of the nutrients that she needs due to excessive bleeding. Her doctors all agree at this point that her only chance at survival and hopefully living a better life lies with a Bone Marrow Transplant that will take place probably around April of 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.


This is why we are asking for help. Nicole, Livvy's mother, is currently unable to work a steady job so that she may stay home and take care of our daughter, while I currently work at a local Apple Store. Both of us have work-from-home jobs as well, although they aren't very high paying at this time. We need help not only with our bills, but for the high costs of travel and medical expenses that we will face when the Bone Marrow Transplant begins. The transplant is expected to last between six months to a year, meaning that Nicole and Olivia would be living in Minnesota while Ethan (our six-year-old son) and I will be living in Clearwater, Florida and visiting when we can. Even though our family will be separated, I believe that we will be stronger than ever as we would do anything for our children!


Thank you for visiting this page and for your consideration. While we know that not everyone has the ability to give financially, all we ask is that you say a little prayer for our Butterfly Princess and perhaps share this page with your family and friends. Prayer is more powerful than you think, and knowledge and awareness are very important as well.

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