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NailGurl Nail Art Magazine

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Alright some of you may know me as "Tee" and others know me as "NailGurl". I am just you every day nail techie with of love for all things nail art related! Over the course of a month, I ran a previous fundraiser for a nail art exhibition idea which was to be held here in NYC (set for 2017), and that campaign didn't quite work out as planned. Which is completely fine, it served as a reminder that things happen the way it is supposed to happen.

I have an idea for a nail art magazine can give inspiration to nail lovers of any skill range, and keep readers engaged by focusing on strictly all areas of nail art. Never mind the cover to cover text clad magazines, let's just keep it simple and focus on primarily the nail art as a whole. Advertising would be kept at a minimum, which in turn would give readers a pleasurable experience.


The idea is easy, but the hard work is getting this venture off of the ground. And this is where your help comes in. To get this magazine started, I am in need of a few supplies. Such as a computer, new camera, and lightbox (which I’ll leave links below). Hosting for the digital portion of the magazine, as well as funding for seasonal physical magazine prints is needed, so whatever is available from the donations will go towards that as well.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my donatewealth page, and please lets work together to make this magazine a reality!


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