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Dad's Bucket List

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Recently my dad was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of prostate cancer, small cell prostate cancer mixed with adenocarcinoma. Since the cancer has spread to the outside of the prostate gland, it is not able to be operated on. Chemotherapy will be used to try and slow the spread of the cancer. Because this form of prostate cancer is so rare, there are not statistics available about life expectancy. However it is known to be an extremely agressive type of cancer and is not curable.

My dad is 60 years old. He, and my family are still in shock over this news. One day we expected to have a long and happy life together, and the next, everything has completely changed. My dad has been forced to reevaluate his life and told me he has "a huge bucket list", so many things he wants to do. 

Anyone who knows my dad, knows that he is an absolutely amazing character who loves life and loves to have a laugh. I would love more than anything to be able to help him do as much as he can to fulfil his dreams. As he can no longer work and my mum has also left work to care for him; I feel that many of the things he wants to do just won't be achieveable for them as they will just be concerned about everyday expenses. 



My dad has worked hard his whole life to support his family and I want to give something back to him. I want to raise money to help him attain some of his goals before he is too sick to enjoy them. If you can help me, no matter how little, please support my campaign.

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on September 20, 2016

Thank you guys for your donations! <3

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