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Help Us Help Others

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I'm associated with a group of “like hearted” folks that for logical, safety and security reasons prefers to remain Nameless and Faceless. Let me assure you that this in no way invalidates how REAL I am or how real we are as a Team. We go out every single night to feed and/or help people in need, and try to be instrumental in meeting the spiritual and tangible needs of the less fortunate.


Please allow me to share with you some of the milestones that we have been part of, for just over 9 years, daily, in the Greater Sacramento Region of California (non exclusive to Woodland, West Sacramento, South Natomas and down I-5 and Hwy 99 to and including Elk Grove).


1. To date over 404,149+ pizzas (approximately 4,041,490+ slices) have been personally delivered to the less fortunate. This includes but certainly is not limited to: orphans, widows, the poor and the oppressed, the homeless, single moms and those that have no defender. Many public servants have also been touched in our region; Firemen, EMTs, CHP, Sheriff and Police and numerous community groups have benefited as well.

2. We have not had any accidents, no one has been harmed and no one has fallen ill from any of our deliveries.

3. Over 1,616,596 servings of food have been served via our joint efforts.

4. Working together with various providers, we deliver/serve over 32,000+ servings of food monthly.

5. We have a small army of volunteers who give of their time and step in daily to fill the time slots entrusted to us, day in and day out 7 days a week.

6. To date, over 2000 tons+ of food and clothing has been delivered to the less fortunate.


We all benefit from giving!



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