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Help Us Bring Abuse Galgos Home by Ellyke Verkooyen - DonateWealth

Help Us Bring Abuse Galgos Home

Help Us Bring Abuse Galgos Home0 SHARES

These dogs are noble and splendid runners and because of these qualities, they are used for hunting and on commercial racetracks. After they have given all they have, the galgos are dumped and left to an uncertain life on the street, unworthy of care and consideration, or they are killed in atrocious ways.


GRH needs volunteers to pick up the lucky dogs in Spain that got adopted, and accompany them on their flight to their forever homes in The Netherlands and Belgium.


My sister Isabelle already adopted two of these abandoned galgos via GRH. 

Now that I have quit my job, me and my sister want to go to Spain in April to pick up a few of the dogs and bring them to their forever homes in The Netherlands. 


Can you please help us to make this little, but so important dream for a few galgos and us come true? Every Euro counts and is much appreciated. I can pay you back in translating your Dutch documents, help you with your annual tax filing etc etc.


Thank you so very much for considering a donation.

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